Between Bears…

The ice pack melts, the waters rise.

The female bears are hit the hardest; the males can venture further out, follow the food. Mothers must keep to the land, tend their cubs. It is fine when the ice and seals are near, but that is no longer the case. As the mothers struggle and starve, so do the cubs.


When the bears are gone, can we be far behind?

We are all connected. We need to listen.

5 thoughts on “Between Bears…

  1. There were must harsher photographs, but I couldn’t bring myself to post them.Those who deny the facts of climate change, the facts of species – top tier species like bears – disappearing before our eyes, deny the closed-system interconnectedness of the planet and all her children, including us. Time to wake up before it’s too late.

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  2. It is a harsh world and I believe people make it even harsher with some people lacking compassion or concern for the damage they do. Their lack of awareness or more likely turning their backs to the truth. A WTF moment of “Well, I won’t be alive when the destruction hits, so why should I care.” Well, we all need to care and try to do what we can to alter the inevitable if we don’t change that dreadful course we are on. WAKE UP AND SEE THE DESPAIR AND DYING OF INNOCENT ANIMALS WHO DIDN’T CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE OF THEIR DESTRUCTION. HUMANS DID AND CONTINUE TO DESTROY THE PLANET FOR EVERYONE ON IT INCLUDING ALL OF NATURE. CLIMATE CHANGE IS ALIVE AND DOING ITS THING. WHAT IT WAS MADE TO DO. DESTROY EARTH SO THE PLANET CAN START FRESH WITHOUT THE CARELESSNESS OF PEOPLE CLUTTERING IT UP. THAT IS WHERE IT IS HEADED. jk

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