Sanity in a Crazy World….

Sometimes the violence and anger swirling around us grow to the point we feel overwhelmed. Will it ever stop? Will those professing to follow the non-violence of Christ, ever read the words attributed to him? Will they truly follow?

As I’ve said here before, I am not a religious person, but I am a non-violent one. I do believe there is a better way for the human race than guns and war and hatred. That is how I try to live my small, private life.

Joan Baez, a hero of mine from way back, lives such beliefs on a far more public stage and with far more grace than I can imagine, In our troubled times, her actions, whether today or six years ago, are examples to us all. For that – and her divine music – I am forever in her debt.441899-d1cfaeb8-fea0-11e2-9cff-2014e57d9885

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4 thoughts on “Sanity in a Crazy World….

  1. You know I love Joan Baez. Non-violence is the only choice I see as viable. People need to be heard. Joan is right about that. Heard by the use of words or art but not with guns or other forms of violence. Harming anyone is not supportable. It is wrong. We need to find a way to have peace not war. No more guns. No more bombs. No more killing. Peace Now and Always. (Y)

    An inspirational post Shawn.

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    An inspirational post Shawn. Non-violence is the only choice. No more war. No more bombs. Check out what is shared on Off the Rails – Track 451. It will move you. And Joan Baez sings. It also leads to an amazing experience Joan Baez has with Pro-Life Veterans of Vietnam. An exchange to know about and to engage in. Brilliant Shawn. jk

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