Censorship For Word Placement

WORDS SUCH AS: Free, Download, Pharma, Key, Xanax, Viagra for Women, Hypoactive Female Sexuality Desire Disorder. Cure is Orgasm. I am supposedly advertising rather than seeing the words in there sentence structure. I WOULD DEFINITELY CALL THIS CENSORSHIP AND BLACK LISTING. This is just the smallest part of what Google is doing. And I wonder specifically if it is not Government Sanctioned. I HAVE BEEN CENSORED THEREBY SHUTTING ME UP. WHO IS GOING TO ENTER A SITE THAT HAS BEEN RED PAGED. AND CALLED A DECEPTIVE SITE AHEAD. DANGEROUS. APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK. – kiley aka the secret keeper

word placement does not censorship make

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Google Censorship

It has come to our attention here at Off the Rails, that one of our contributors, Jennifer Kiley, is having her blog censored by Google/Chrome.

Trying to access her blog the other day, we were met, out of the blue, by a “Stop: Dangerous Site Ahead” warning which blocked access. After much research and hair-pulling, Jennifer discovered that Google was cherry-picking words from her blogs, words related to psychiatric conditions and drugs and big pharma, to human sexuality, and what might be considered radical politics, etc, even words and phrases taken totally out of context in poems, for Christ’s sake!

To all who believe in the first amendment and freedom of expression, beware! You could be next. Time to fight back.

Big Brother Google is watching.


Stoned State


stoned state (c) kiley 16 POSTER #2

Pulled from the context of an article I read in the Sunday NY Times – Issue 17th April 2016: “How Getting High Made Me a Better Caregiver” by Tom Huth. A brilliant article and an enlightening perceptive take of what the goodness there is in the Stoned State of vaping or smoking Marijuana. It can be and is the most healing and divinely delicious elevation one can experience and find revitalizing. I do believe everyone, of an age of choice, should be able to get high on Marijuana. It is not the demon so many presidents and those in authority have led the doubters to mis-represent something they do not understand, nor in many cases even care to try. The article I read will lead many to a pure enlightenment of material to give one pause. Awaken to the Truth. The Truth Is Out There. – kiley ❤


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