Michael Bennett | #BlackLives Matter

So wrong on so many, many levels.

the secret keeper

Michael Bennett . Pro Football Player . Member of Seattle Seahawks

Michael Bennett (Pro Player for Seattle Seahawks) was subdued by the Las Vegas PD. He was doing nothing more than responding to hearing gun shots. In his letter he questioned if he was going to die. He speaks of the treatment he receives. It is disgraceful. It does end when the LVPD realize Michael Bennett is a Pro Football player for the Seattle Seahawks. Then and only then do they release him. Keep in mind he did nothing more than being black in a situation where everyone was in fear for their lives after the shots were heard. This terrifying example of police brutally without cause shows exactly how important it is to believe in and support #BlackLivesMatter. Michael Bennett is also from Houston Texas and concerned about his home town. Read the letter below to hear about…

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2 thoughts on “Michael Bennett | #BlackLives Matter

    • It’s getting worse . the violence . from the forces of Law & Order . they don’t play nice . rather suppress the masses . then let us protest peacefully . in most cases with protests for equality . it is the police who push to hard and too far . the police are ones who start the fire . the protesters can honestly pull a quote from Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start the Fire . . .” . take a listen . it is the song of the Resistance #Resist . and I intend to protest in my way . as everyone else will do it their way . peace to #BlackLivesMatter . Viva la Resistance . May We All Unite In Peace . if that is possible ever . . . ✌☮ 🤘

      We Didn’t Start the Fire | Billy Joel

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