Wise Words for Troubled Times….

There are times when the troubles swirling around us seem overwhelming. When the last thing we seem able to do is stop and see with openness and clarity.  When in the midst of chaos, active, in-the-streets resistence looms paramount while art – and philosophy – often feel like rarified responses. In the recent issue of Poet’s Country Sam O’Hana sits down with American philosopher and gender theorist, Judith Butler to discuss an analysis of poetry at Guantanamo and International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs. Judith offers the following on just why and how we need art so badly in times like these. [Read the whole interview if you can – or at least part of it edited for Lit Hub. I’ve known Judith since we went to college together. Her words are always fascinating, thought provoking, and well worth your time.]

“Finally, it is hard to stay sensate during these times, to see and feel and hear what is happening. There is always the temptation to turn it all off, to exit, to suspend the knowledge of reality, to take leave. In some ways, literature and the arts help to make the world bearable so that we can tarry there longer with the desire to know and understand, to engage, and to transform what calls to be transformed.”


…Judith Butler, Philosopher/Gender Theorist
Poet’s Country No.2




An important message for all those who want to understand what really is Bullshit. It’s not a lie. That can be found out. It would be nice to live in a world without so much Bullshit. Instead to have some honest reality. Thinking and developing one’s ideas and sharing them. Listen to a wise message coming from a person who shows wisdom which is refreshing. – j.kiley

BULLSHIT! – Harry Frankfurt

Harry Frankfurt is an American philosopher and author of the New York Times Best Seller “On Bullshit”. Although first conceived as an essay over 30 years ago, his theory on bullshit is more relevant than ever before.

BULLSHIT! aims to further our understanding of what bullshit is, why there’s so much of it, and how it can be a greater enemy to the truth than lies.

Posted on ‘the secret keeper’ Friday 8th July 2016

A Cat Thinking How To Explain

This is to say I wag my tail, too. But most of the time it means I am having a dream or high expectations for the next moment or experiencing a high off some heavily charged nip. My growl is not as bad as my bite. So I would say watch the teeth, the mouth is friendly. Here is a gif of me in one of the questionable, almost impossible ways to figure out exactly what to expect. Us cats have to keep you just a touch off guard. Don’t want you to expect the unexpected. We don’t know word sorry. It is not in cat speak. We like to purr. Get high. EAT. Lick your hair or our fur. We like to make you happy by walking across your screen when the paints are out. Altogether we are pretty multi-dexterous and fun to be around. We like most of all to distract you. Never underestimate what a cat will do. Hope you find our vein toward intelligence by our appearance in this gif. ❤ wam anagram

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